Are Crop Circles Evidence of Alien Life?

Crop Circles

Farmers sometimes find large circular depressions in their fields where the vegetation has been smashed down, seemingly by a large object. These are known as crop circles. Crop circles usually consist of elaborate, mathematically precise, geometric designs in the crops that appear quickly - in one night or less.

There is a lot of speculation about how crop circles are formed. One theory is that they are man-made. Another theory is that they are caused by alien spaceships that have landed in farmers' fields. Yet another theory is that alien beings may be trying to communicate with us through the geometric designs of the crop circles.

No one knows for certain if aliens are responsible for making crop circles, but we do know that it IS possible for humans to make elaborate crop circles.

Because many crop circles are man-made, all crop circles tend to get discredited as hoaxes. For example, here is the Miriam Webster definition for crop circles:

a geometric and especially a circular pattern of flattened stalks in a field of grain now usually attributed to natural phenomena or to the work of hoaxers trying to create the impression of a visit by extraterrestrial beings

Even the dictionary definition tells us that none of them are real, or that crop circles are caused by natural phenomena. Do we know for a fact all crop circles are man-made? We do not. All we know is that many of them are man-made. Lack of evidence that crop circles can be made from sources other than humans doesn't mean that they can't be made from other sources.

What kind of natural phenomena could cause the formation of crop circles? Wind has been blamed for the formation of crop circles and so have non-human animals.

However, it is very unlikely that wind or non-human animals could make such elaborate mathematically precise geometric designs over such a large area.

While it is true that most crop circles are man-made hoaxes, crop circle researchers, such as the BLT (Burke, Levengood & Talbot) Research Team believe that some crop circles are not man-made. For example, some crop circles show no evidence of human activity and there are changes within the crop circles that can't be explained by human beings smashing down the crops with boards.

The BLT research team takes samples from within and outside of crop circles. In these "real" crop circles they find biochemical and cellular changes to the plants that aren't present outside of the circle. There are also hormonal changes in people who enter the crop circles that can't be explained simply by an increase in arousal.

What's more is that there are often reports of sightings of glowing disc shaped objects near the places where crop circles form.

If the idea of extraterrestrial beings visiting Earth seems far fetched, keep in mind that scientists do believe that life may exist on other planets. If life does exist on other planets it is plausible that extraterrestrial life with the capabilities of space travel may travel here to Earth for a visit.

And why not? Earth is a lovely planet!

However, does anyone have conclusive evidence that crop circles are formed by alien beings?


All we know is that humans are able to make elaborate crop circles. We don't have any conclusive evidence that anything other than humans make them. However, a lack of evidence doesn't mean that we have proof that only humans make them. I know this is rather unsatisfying, but we really don't know if all crop circles are produced by humans or not.

Image of crop circles from Wikimedia Commons.